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Food Section
Food is an imperative part of everybody’s life. The vast variety of food allows people to make decisions on the type of food they want to have. In this digital age, one doesn’t have to visit the shop, instead order online. Our company, Fresh365 was set-up to make available products that people need on daily basis. In the food section of our portfolio, you can order online sauces, like tomato sauce and soya sauce; and beverages, like cold drink, health drinks, tea & coffee. These everyday essential items are required in every household. We cater to bulk orders from customers, like retailers. They can go through the portfolio, decides upon the products they want to buy and send us an inquiry. In a few simple steps, they can get the products at their doorsteps within a few days. The delivery can be made on same day in case of local customer.
Everybody plans their grocery, some make time to visit a supermarket on a weekend and buy grocery items which can last at least a month while some continually buy grocery products based on their needs. Fresh365 makes grocery buying easy and time saving. Customers, like restaurants and retailers can order grocery products online. We can deliver the products they need at their doorsteps. The portfolio encompasses dal & pulses, masala & spices, oil & ghee. This entire range is needed for cooking. Oil is required to sauté, frying and other purposes. These spices are needed to add color and flavour to dishes. Different types of dals enable to prepare dals, snacks and even sweets.

Household Products
We often do not realize that how many products are we using on daily basis. We, Fresh365 can supply cleaning products, mosquito repellents and room fresheners. Washing powder and detergent soap are the cleaning products offered in an array of brands. Customers, like retailers can get these washing products in all sizes to cater to the varied demand from the end customers. Similarly, there is a variety of insect killers, which retailers can put on a display to let their customers decide one based on their requirement and liking. There are currently two products under room freshener category, one is Chandan dhoop kati and other is Godrej room spray.
Personal Care
Fresh365 is successfully catering to the increasing demand for personal care, household and grocery products. Under the personal care range, we have to offer hair care, skin care, oral care, personal hygiene, baby care and many other products. Each sub-category is divided into different products from renowned brands. We cater to the requirements of retailers, who are required to keep a stock and variety of products they are offering so that they can provide the products their customers ask for. Fresh365 maintains a large stock of personal care products to continually meet the demand arising from buyers from different corners of the country.