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Pulses, called dal in Hindi are a great source of nutrients required by the body. Each kind of dal has a different nutritional profile. In Indian households, dal is prepared almost every day. Other then the classic dal preparation, one can use dal as an ingredient in snacking items and sweets. Fresh365 can supply sabut moong dal, urad sabut dal, masoor dal and moong dal to its customers. The range of dal and pulses is very common and can be offered in different pack sizes. People can store dal safely in a clean, dry and air-tight containers. Storing dal and pulses for a long time is not recommended, as these might get infested with insects, especially in monsoon season.
In the grocery section, Fresh365 maintains a stock of different masala and spices. Food is lifeless without added spices, no matter how well it is being prepared. Spices add color and flavor to the food. A food gets a character only with the added spices. Turmeric powder, jeera powder, chilli powder, coriander powder, cumin powder, garam masala and many more powdered spices can be supplied to the doorsteps. Customers can select the spices in brand of their choice and order the masala and spices in required quantity. The company can also partner with those in the food industry to continually supply masala and spices.