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Cold drink proves to be a savior in hot summer days. A sip of chilled, refreshing cold drink instantly provides relief. The beverages with or without carbonated water are offered in plastic bottles. Cold drink bottles in 750ml, 1.25tr and 1.75ltr sizes. 7 Up, Coca Cola, Maaza and Thums Up are the varieties the company supplies to its retailers and other customers, like hotels, fast food restaurants, casual dining restaurants and movie theaters. Soft drinks in the range are popular amongst all, from children to adults. In many bars and clubs, soft drink is used for making many mixed drinks.
Health drinks are refreshing, nutrition rich drinks that replenish the fluids that the body loses. Drinks other than health drinks are consumed for taste and pleasure. The health drinks are not only tasty, these provide instant energy and are good for health. Horlicks available in vanilla and badam (almond) flavors adds flavor into milk that provides enough nutrition to children and adults. Glucon-D in lemon flavor is a good source of glucose that provide energy to stay active. When served chilled, glucon-D provides instant energy. It is a popular drink amongst people, especially in summers. These powdered health drinks are easier to make.

When it comes to coffee, Nescafe is the brand that everybody loves. Our company, Fresh365 maintains a stock of a type of coffee Nescafe makes, i.e. Classic. This coffee powder is offered in glass jars, and cardboard boxes. The packs of 50gm to 500gm are available. Those who love to drink coffee everyday or have a big family can buy a large pack of coffee, while who drink coffee once in a blue moon or have a small family can buy a small coffee pack. There are different ways to make coffee. People can make coffee according to their taste and preferences. It can be made and served both, hot and cold.
Get Dabur and Patanjali honey in 100gm, 130gm and 1kg bottles. The pure honey can be used for several purposes whenever required. It remains stable at room temperature.
Tomato sauce, soya sauce are two essential sauce verities that every household must have. Tomato sauce can be served with a sandwich, snacks, pizza and pasta. While soya sauce is used when preparing noodles and other dishes.